hey everyone

this website is currently under construction. Please visit my bandcamp site, where you can listen to and download my music!



Finally getting around to doing a website! My name is Ben Morrow and I am a drummer in Seattle, WA in the United States of America. I recently saw a bald eagle flying overhead while canoeing near the University of Washington. This made me feel especially American. I also saw lots of Common Mergansers and Buffleheads, two birds I’ve never seen in that area before.

But this is not a bird blog. Really I’m all about music. I play drum set primarily but also play many other percussion instruments, including congas, timbales, metal bowls, cymbals, gongs, parts of old trucks etc…

I am currently working as an accompanist at Cornish College of the Arts and freelancing as a freelance drummer in the Seattle area. I play jazz, funk, rock, afro-cuban and other latin styles. Recently I played kit for the Seattle Men’s Chorus at McCaw Hall, performing music of pre-war Germany. Style-wise the music ranged from swing to music theater to tango. It was all pretty interesting and a blast to perform in such a huge modern theater.

At this point I have to stop rather abruptly, since I have to get to a rehearsal with the Jazz Police, an experimental big band that’s been a force on the Seattle scene for decades.

Until next time, ciao!